Commercial Insurance Add Ons to Consider

When you run a business, it is crucial for you to protect it as best as you can. You put a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into your business, so the last thing you want is for your business to suffer some kind of damage and set you back. While there are some basic forms of commercial insurance, there are other add ons to consider. If you run a business in or around Frisco, TX or Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help. 

Umbrella Policy

Investing into umbrella insurance is always a good idea. This gives you additional liability coverage to protect your business. If someone slips and falls on the sidewalk outside of your business, they might attempt to sue you, and your general liability might not cover this. Even if you’re completely in the right, you don’t want to pay all the legal fees associated with it. Umbrella commercial insurance coverage can help. 

Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is hurt while they are on the job, it is up to you to pay for their medical coverage and other financial compensation. This can become costly, especially if they are seriously injured. The best way to go about protecting them and yourself is to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. 

Running a business is hard work. It takes a considerable amount of work and dedication. You also put a good amount of money into your business as well, so you likely don’t want to go about repairing expensive damage to your place of business. That is why you need to have commercial insurance. With the number of commercial insurance add ons, though, it can be difficult to know what will work for your company. If your business is located around Frisco, TX or even Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. can help. 

Must Have Insurance Coverage for New Motorcycle Riders

The less experience you have riding a motorcycle, the greater your chances of having an accident on the road. For this reason, you should ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your interests. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we can help you select a policy that’s conducive to your riding experience and lifestyle. To be on the safe side, new riders should consider the following motorcycle insurance coverage:


In Texas, motorcycle liability coverage is a requirement. Licensed riders must have a minimum of $30,000 liability coverage to pay for injuries to one individual in an accident, $60,000 for total injuries, and $25,000 to cover property damage in accidents they cause. In a serious accident, injuries can easily surpass minimum liability limits. For this reason, new riders should consider more liability coverage than just the bare minimum. Otherwise, they could be sued for remaining damages.

Collision and Comprehensive 

As a new rider, you’ll probably want financial help to repair your bike in the event of an accident. Collision coverage protects your bike against crashes into other vehicles or objects. Coverage limits will depend on the value of your bike and how much you can contribute towards repairs out of pocket.

Whether you’re riding in Austin, TX or taking your bike on the road, you face the risk of your bike being stolen, vandalized, or damaged by inclement weather. Comprehensive insurance protects you against these risks, so you don’t suffer financial loss.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This coverage helps pay for your medical bills if you get hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance at all.  

With adequate insurance protection, you can enjoy your time on the road without worrying about accidents. To obtain quality motorcycle insurance at affordable costs in the Austin, TX area, contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC.

Does Boat Insurance Cover the Actual Structure Of The Boat Or Just The Engine?

If you invest in a boat, you know that you are going to need to provide insurance coverage to prevent out of pocket losses as the result of an accident or other types of mishaps. When it comes to boat insurance, there are conditions and limitations related to the parts of the boat that are covered as well as the conditions in which the coverage will kick in. So, does boat insurance cover the entire ship, or does it just cover the engine?

Does Boat Insurance Cover The Entire Boat?

There are many different types of boat insurance options on the market. The standard boat insurance policy will only cover the motor or engine and possibly the electronics that control the engine. The actual vessel itself may be left unprotected unless you purchase additional insurance to cover it. Before you select a policy, make sure you know the limits of coverage as well as the conditions for coverage to kick in. A good insurance agent will make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing and help you determine if there are gaps in coverage. 

Coverage That Works For Your Situation

If you are searching for boat insurance that covers your specific situation and doesn’t leave you susceptible to gaps that can cause significant out of pocket expenses, then you must work with an insurance company that strives to give you products that protect you completely. If you are a resident who lives in or around the Frisco, TX area, you can count on TAB Insurance Agency, LLC to work with you directly and create an insurance policy that will protect you from losses. 

Give yourself peace of mind and protection with adequate insurance coverage for your vessel. If you have a boat and reside in the Frisco, TX area, you should call or stop by TAB Insurance Agency and find out how they can help you get the peace of mind you need. Tab Insurance Agency, LLC  is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. 

Are There Different Types of Commercial Insurance?

A lot of people are confused when they think of commercial insurance. They wonder if there are different types, and if so, they wonder what types they need. Thankfully, TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving the Frisco, TX area has put together a helpful guide to help you understand the different types of commercial insurance. 

Business Owners Policy

One of the most common types of commercial insurance can be seen in a business owners policy. Commonly referred to as a BOP, this type of insurance serves a very important purpose — to protect the business interests of its owner. This type of policy is generally very affordable, especially when pairing it with other types of coverage. 

Business Property Insurance

With business property insurance, you can rest easy knowing you will likely be provided compensation if your business property was to be damaged. Most policies will provide varying coverage for your business’ building structure, any documents, inventory, and machinery. It is crucial to look over the exact terms and conditions of the policy to ensure you are obtaining the type of coverage you are in need of. Most business property insurance policies can be customized to meet your unique needs. 

Commercial Auto Insurance

Many business owners use separate vehicles from their personal vehicles to carry out business-related activities. If this applies to you, then you need to invest in a commercial insurance policy that provides commercial auto coverage. You can add everything from cars to work vans to this type of policy. 

Want to learn more about commercial insurance options? If so, contact the TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving the Frisco, TX area.

Unknown Motorcycle Damage and Coverage

You parked your motorcycle in a lovely spot between two cars in Frisco, TX. Met friends, went inside a restaurant, had a great time, and spent a few hours reminiscing. However, when you exited the restaurant at the end of a great evening, you came outside to find your bike unceremoniously dumped on the ground with parts broken off or scratched. Worse, nobody saw anything, and the cars nearby have no scratches themselves or are too far away. The only thing left to figure out is whether your motorcycle insurance is going to help cover the repairs. And the answer to the question depends on what kind of a coverage policy a motorcycle owner has.

Basic coverage which, unfortunately, a lot of riders opt for, probably won’t cover damage to the motorcycle owned, according to the experts at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC. That’s because bottom-barrel coverage is typically liability only, coverage damage caused to others either as medical or property loss. A policy needs to have additional terms beyond liability alone to provide the means to help with repairs.

The ideal option in most cases would be a comprehensive motorcycle policy or an uninsured policy, which plans for just such situations where damage is caused by a party that can’t be found right away or by a non-collision event. The policy will still provide the means for repair, and the insurance provider may pursue recovery if the guilty party is found out later on. To see the difference in policies in detail, talk with the folks at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC. We have seen claim after claim how better coverage plays out when folks plan beyond just liability alone in Frisco, TX. Contact our offices for more information.

How to Make a Boat Insurance Claim

Though filing an insurance claim may be the last thing you want to do after you purchase your fishing, sailing, or speedboat, it is necessary when you are involved in an accident or when the boat is stolen or vandalized. Whether your boat spends more time at the dock, in your storage facility, or on the water, it is at risk of theft, damage, and other accidents. Luckily, insurance coverage offers the protection you need to repair or replace the boat when a risk occurs. Knowing how to make a boat insurance claim after an unexpected occurrence will give you peace of mind. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we help Frisco, TX boat owners with various insurance services.

Here are basic steps on how to get that insurance claim underway after an unfortunate event of unexpected loss or accident:

Contact the police

When you are affected by crimes like vandalism, theft, or a severe accident, you must contact the police to report the incident.

Check the product disclosure statement

Reviewing your product disclosure statement helps you see if the incident is covered by the insurer and that it isn’t included as an exclusion. This also informs you of the excess amount you need to pay if need be.

Contact your insurer

Communicate with your insurance provider to get your claim process underway. You may be required to complete the claim over the phone, or fill out a written form.

Offer proof

You must provide evidence to the insurance company to validate your claim. Consider taking photographs of the damaged property and draft an incident report to describe what happened. You may also need to offer documentation like original receipts, police reports, medical certificates, valuation reports, etc.

If you are a Frisco, TX resident and you need assistance with boat insurance claims, consider contacting TAB Insurance Agency, LLC for more information.


Why You Need to Have a Commercial Insurance for Your Startup

Launching a startup in Frisco, TX can be an amazing way of transferring your innovative idea into a company using a flexible business model. However, growing your business from a simple startup into a multinational company will not be a walk in the park. You will face a lot of challenges, and the only thing that will determine the fate of your startup will be how you handle the problems.

TAB Insurance Agency, LLC cares about your startup and offers you the right commercial insurance policy that will protect your startup from a significant financial loss when the worst happens.

Here are the top three reasons why you need to have a commercial insurance policy for your startup:

Protect Your Business Property

Typically, one of the most significant expenses for any startup is the money spent on acquiring the right equipment that you will need to operate. A commercial insurance policy covers any physical business property that could experience damage. Several instances such as vandalism, fire, and hail storms can damage your business property. Our commercial insurance policy will also cover any lost income resulting from business interruptions due to particular damage.

Protect Your Employees

Keep in mind that your business will not remain a startup forever. As your business grows, so will your to-do list. At some point, you will need to employ a few people to help you handle various tasks. Employee compensation is critical for protecting your workers and your overall business. The workers’ compensation coverage that is part of a commercial insurance policy will help you when your member of staff suffers an injury on the job or requires medical attention for a long-term problem.

Protects Your Business from Expensive Liability Claims

General liability insurance is essential to your business startup since it covers legal fees for lawsuits resulting from negligence, accidents, and personal injuries that may occur at your business premises. A single unfortunate incident in your office could bring down your business startup if you lack liability coverage.

Are you a the owner of a new business in Frisco, TX? Contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC today for your commercial insurance needs and to learn more about a policy.