FAQs About Texas Home Insurance

It is normal to have questions when purchasing a home insurance policy. After all, you want to make sure you are protected and each state can be different when it comes to coverage. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we want to make purchasing an insurance policy simple and easy to understand for all of our customers in Frisco, TX and the surrounding areas. Here are some common questions about Texas home insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Texas Home Insurance

  • Am I legally required to have home insurance in the state of Texas? No, not by any laws. However, you are likely required to keep a homeowner’s insurance policy to get a mortgage on your home, to begin with. 
  • What does home insurance cover? The answer depends on the specific policy. There are many levels of homeowner’s insurance you can purchase and your policy should have the coverage limits clearly written. You should know that homeowner’s insurance does not cover natural disaster floods, mold, and pest control in most cases. Discuss your options with your insurance company. 
  • How do I know how much home owner’s insurance I need, and what coverage to add? Deciding if you want to add certain coverage like flood or wind is a personal choice, but we can say that additional coverage is typically well priced, easy to pay with your initial coverage, and worthy of the investment. 

Call us at the TAB Insurance Agency, LLC if you are looking to purchase a new home insurance policy in Frisco, TX or if you want to upgrade your current policy. We take pride in protecting our clients with insurance coverage that is easy to purchase, and easy to read. Call today.