3 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Texas Roof in Good Condition

Homeowners in Austin and Frisco, TX have to make significant roof repairs from time to time due to the weather and climate in the area. With the temperature and direct sunlight that Texas gets regularly, roof damage can be common and expensive if it is not maintained correctly. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we have three maintenance tips for our customers to help keep their roof in good condition. 

How are your shingles?

It is critical to do an annual roof inspection. Excessive sunlight over time can cause damage to your shingles. Before the weather starts to get too warm, it is best to give your shingles a thorough inspection and replace any that are damaged. Look for cracks or decayed shingles that are serving no protection for your home and have them replaced.

Include a Roof Coating

In order to directly combat the UV rays coming in from the sun daily, you can have a roofing contractor go and complete a roof coating service. This system is applied once every 10 or 15 years and is able to redirect the UV Rays and go directly over your original roof. 

Change your roof

If the asphalt shingles are too hot and continually damaged by the sun, then it may be time to consider a different material for your roof. Choosing something like tile that is much cooler in temperature will also shift the heat from the UV rays from your roof, decreasing the interior temperature of your home and the damage done to your roof. 

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