When Do The Worst Boating Accidents Happen?

The region around Austin, TX is a haven for fans of boating, but the water can also be a hazardous place. TAB Insurance Agency, LLC writes enough boat insurance policies to know that certain conditions are more likely to cause an accident. When are you more likely to get into a boating accident?

During A Holiday

Particularly during warm weather holidays, such as the Fourth of July, when crowds descend upon local lakes and waterways. Larger crowds mean more people out on the water, congesting space and making collisions more likely. While heightened boat traffic alone is risky, so is the increased usage of intoxicants. Boating While Intoxicated citations always increase over long holiday weekends. So too do drunken accidents. Drunk boaters are also more likely to make dangerous decisions, such as not wearing a personal inflatable device or allowing passengers to sit or stand in an unsafe manner while the boat is in motion. These factors contribute to holidays being one of the most dangerous times to be on the water. 

During or After Poor Weather

Bad weather is more hazardous for certain types of vessels than others. Inexperienced drivers boating in extreme weather can be a recipe for disaster. Certain seasons can be unpredictable, so it’s important for boaters to be prepared for any change at any time. But hazards can lurk even after the storm has passed. Particularly after heavy rains, when silt and tree debris can shift and become hidden traps under murky waters.

If you’re considering boating in these conditions, think about getting boat insurance. Not only could it protect your assets in case you are found liable for an accident, but it could also cover you in case another liable boater is uninsured. TAB Insurance Agency, LLC is here to serve all Austin, TX boaters!