How Do You Insure Both a Motorcycle and an Automobile?

If you live in Texas and you have or are considering getting an auto and a motorcycle, here are some tips that will help. Work with your agent at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving Frisco, TX and the surrounding communities, to make sure you get adequate insurance coverage.

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Limits

Texas has minimum auto insurance requirements for injuries. These minimums are both for each person who is harmed ($30,000) and in total for each accident ($60,000). There is also a minimum requirement for damage to property ($25,000).

Typically, auto insurance also comes along with personal injury protection (PIP) of $2,500, which may help if the person who caused the accident in driving illegally without proper insurance. PIP coverage is optional; however, it will be included unless you actively take steps to reject this extra protection.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Limits

The minimum insurance requirements for motorcycle insurance are the same as for autos, which are injuries ($30,000), the total for each accident ($60,000), and damage to property ($25,000). PIP does not come with motorcycle insurance unless you request it.

More than the Minimums

Getting just the minimum coverage is not enough for most people. The minimum insurance requirements do not adequately cover the vehicle of the driver that caused the accident. It is a better idea to cover your auto and motorcycle with comprehensive coverage for the cost of replacement repairs if it becomes damaged.

Additionally, Texas is an “at-fault” state. This means that the person(s) who caused the accident can be held responsible for the cost of all the injuries and damages, even if these costs exceed insurance coverage limits.


Be sure to get adequate coverage to reduce financial risk and the vulnerability of losing a lawsuit for causing an accident. Contact your agent at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC in Frisco, TX by calling 972-377-9464 to get an insurance review and a quote for motorcycle and auto insurance.