Why does my small business need commercial insurance

The simple answer to why does my small business need commercial insurance is that things happen and some of them are bad. Keeping your business from closing is very important to any small business owner. If you live in or near Austin, TX  TAB Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you with your commercial insurance needs. We know the right questions to ask to make sure that you have the coverage that is right for you. 

Property Insurance

If your business depends on having a physical location it is important for that place to be useable. If a disaster occurs that damages or destroys your building it will affect your ability to do business. You could lose not only your workspace but your inventory, furniture, and computers. Your business property insurance can help to make repairing or rebuilding possible. 

Business Auto Insurance

If you have autos owned by your business it is important to have insurance coverage.  In the event that an employee has an accident, you will be covered. If you use your personal car for business, you should check if your personal auto insurance covers business use. 

Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance covers quite a few different scenarios. If someone is hurt on your business property or by one of your products this insurance will help to cover legal costs that might ensue. This insurance can also cover any legal issues that might occur with a current or former employee. It can help cover costs of litigation in a case of harassment or wrongful termination. 

These are just a few of the things that your commercial insurance policy covers. The knowledgeable agents at TAB Insurance Agency LLC in Austin, TX will be happy to discuss all the things that might be covered. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote.