How to Know What Add-ons You Need for Your Home Insurance

Are you interested to know what add-ons to your home insurance you should have? There are some considerations you’ll need to make regarding your specific situation. Here are a few extras that likely won’t be a part of your basic home insurance coverage:

  • Mold damage
  • Other structures that are not attached to the house, including fences, sheds, or a separate garage
  • Personal belongings beyond a certain value also are not typically covered by the basic insurance

You’ll need to ask your agent to increase coverage for the above things, so that you won’t be faced with having to pay a monumental amount in the event of a natural disaster, flooding from burst pipes, or some other issue.

Wear and Tear

This is something that the average homeowner should include in their home insurance policy. However, this is an exclusion that most people are not aware of existing. For instance, home insurance will not cover issues of old age, such as damage from leaky pipes or a roof that is in a diminished condition. Even though a warranty may cover roof or plumbing system replacement, the warranty may be expired by the time problems occur. Many insurance policies will take care of paying for the resulting damage.

How to Know When to Add On

Chances are, if you have assets besides your home or you live in an older home, you’ll want some add-ons.

You can discuss what structures, expensive belongings, and general concerns you have for your property with a qualified insurance agent. It’s in your best interest to reach out to TAB Insurance Agency LLC if you’re in the Austin, TX area. A professional can evaluate what you have and how best to proceed in order to supply you with the best home insurance coverage possible.