What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

In some circles classic and antique are synonymous. The fact is an antique car is normally 25 years old or older, while a classic car is normally 14 to 24 years old. The agents of TAB Insurance Agency LLC are always there to answer questions about classic car insurance. If you are a classic car owner and live in Austin, TX, you can have all of your questions answered about classic car insurance answered in just a few minutes.

Not Your Daily Driver

One of the things that will determine whether or not your classic car can be covered under a classic car policy is how often you drive it. In most cases, if you use it as your daily driver, it won’t qualify for this type of insurance. Driving it occasionally is fine. Certain policies, however, require that the miles driven per year be kept under a certain amount. This reduces your risk of an accident and saves wear and tear on the vehicle. 

Higher Value, Less Liability

While you still need to have the amount of liability insurance required by the state, classic car insurance is more about protecting your investment. Classic cars that have been fully restored will normally hold a higher value than other vehicles. This will make it more expensive to repair or replace parts that are damaged if an accident occurs.

Residents of Austin, TX who own classic cars and want to make sure they are insured as such can turn to the agents of TAB Insurance Agency LLC for all of their insurance needs. Call and schedule an appointment today to make sure your classic car is fully protected at all times.