Commercial Insurance Add Ons to Consider

When you run a business, it is crucial for you to protect it as best as you can. You put a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into your business, so the last thing you want is for your business to suffer some kind of damage and set you back. While there are some basic forms of commercial insurance, there are other add ons to consider. If you run a business in or around Frisco, TX or Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help. 

Umbrella Policy

Investing into umbrella insurance is always a good idea. This gives you additional liability coverage to protect your business. If someone slips and falls on the sidewalk outside of your business, they might attempt to sue you, and your general liability might not cover this. Even if you’re completely in the right, you don’t want to pay all the legal fees associated with it. Umbrella commercial insurance coverage can help. 

Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is hurt while they are on the job, it is up to you to pay for their medical coverage and other financial compensation. This can become costly, especially if they are seriously injured. The best way to go about protecting them and yourself is to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. 

Running a business is hard work. It takes a considerable amount of work and dedication. You also put a good amount of money into your business as well, so you likely don’t want to go about repairing expensive damage to your place of business. That is why you need to have commercial insurance. With the number of commercial insurance add ons, though, it can be difficult to know what will work for your company. If your business is located around Frisco, TX or even Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. can help.