Must Have Insurance Coverage for New Motorcycle Riders

The less experience you have riding a motorcycle, the greater your chances of having an accident on the road. For this reason, you should ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your interests. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we can help you select a policy that’s conducive to your riding experience and lifestyle. To be on the safe side, new riders should consider the following motorcycle insurance coverage:


In Texas, motorcycle liability coverage is a requirement. Licensed riders must have a minimum of $30,000 liability coverage to pay for injuries to one individual in an accident, $60,000 for total injuries, and $25,000 to cover property damage in accidents they cause. In a serious accident, injuries can easily surpass minimum liability limits. For this reason, new riders should consider more liability coverage than just the bare minimum. Otherwise, they could be sued for remaining damages.

Collision and Comprehensive 

As a new rider, you’ll probably want financial help to repair your bike in the event of an accident. Collision coverage protects your bike against crashes into other vehicles or objects. Coverage limits will depend on the value of your bike and how much you can contribute towards repairs out of pocket.

Whether you’re riding in Austin, TX or taking your bike on the road, you face the risk of your bike being stolen, vandalized, or damaged by inclement weather. Comprehensive insurance protects you against these risks, so you don’t suffer financial loss.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This coverage helps pay for your medical bills if you get hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance at all.  

With adequate insurance protection, you can enjoy your time on the road without worrying about accidents. To obtain quality motorcycle insurance at affordable costs in the Austin, TX area, contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC.