Unknown Motorcycle Damage and Coverage

You parked your motorcycle in a lovely spot between two cars in Frisco, TX. Met friends, went inside a restaurant, had a great time, and spent a few hours reminiscing. However, when you exited the restaurant at the end of a great evening, you came outside to find your bike unceremoniously dumped on the ground with parts broken off or scratched. Worse, nobody saw anything, and the cars nearby have no scratches themselves or are too far away. The only thing left to figure out is whether your motorcycle insurance is going to help cover the repairs. And the answer to the question depends on what kind of a coverage policy a motorcycle owner has.

Basic coverage which, unfortunately, a lot of riders opt for, probably won’t cover damage to the motorcycle owned, according to the experts at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC. That’s because bottom-barrel coverage is typically liability only, coverage damage caused to others either as medical or property loss. A policy needs to have additional terms beyond liability alone to provide the means to help with repairs.

The ideal option in most cases would be a comprehensive motorcycle policy or an uninsured policy, which plans for just such situations where damage is caused by a party that can’t be found right away or by a non-collision event. The policy will still provide the means for repair, and the insurance provider may pursue recovery if the guilty party is found out later on. To see the difference in policies in detail, talk with the folks at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC. We have seen claim after claim how better coverage plays out when folks plan beyond just liability alone in Frisco, TX. Contact our offices for more information.