How to Make a Boat Insurance Claim

Though filing an insurance claim may be the last thing you want to do after you purchase your fishing, sailing, or speedboat, it is necessary when you are involved in an accident or when the boat is stolen or vandalized. Whether your boat spends more time at the dock, in your storage facility, or on the water, it is at risk of theft, damage, and other accidents. Luckily, insurance coverage offers the protection you need to repair or replace the boat when a risk occurs. Knowing how to make a boat insurance claim after an unexpected occurrence will give you peace of mind. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we help Frisco, TX boat owners with various insurance services.

Here are basic steps on how to get that insurance claim underway after an unfortunate event of unexpected loss or accident:

Contact the police

When you are affected by crimes like vandalism, theft, or a severe accident, you must contact the police to report the incident.

Check the product disclosure statement

Reviewing your product disclosure statement helps you see if the incident is covered by the insurer and that it isn’t included as an exclusion. This also informs you of the excess amount you need to pay if need be.

Contact your insurer

Communicate with your insurance provider to get your claim process underway. You may be required to complete the claim over the phone, or fill out a written form.

Offer proof

You must provide evidence to the insurance company to validate your claim. Consider taking photographs of the damaged property and draft an incident report to describe what happened. You may also need to offer documentation like original receipts, police reports, medical certificates, valuation reports, etc.

If you are a Frisco, TX resident and you need assistance with boat insurance claims, consider contacting TAB Insurance Agency, LLC for more information.


Why You Need to Have a Commercial Insurance for Your Startup

Launching a startup in Frisco, TX can be an amazing way of transferring your innovative idea into a company using a flexible business model. However, growing your business from a simple startup into a multinational company will not be a walk in the park. You will face a lot of challenges, and the only thing that will determine the fate of your startup will be how you handle the problems.

TAB Insurance Agency, LLC cares about your startup and offers you the right commercial insurance policy that will protect your startup from a significant financial loss when the worst happens.

Here are the top three reasons why you need to have a commercial insurance policy for your startup:

Protect Your Business Property

Typically, one of the most significant expenses for any startup is the money spent on acquiring the right equipment that you will need to operate. A commercial insurance policy covers any physical business property that could experience damage. Several instances such as vandalism, fire, and hail storms can damage your business property. Our commercial insurance policy will also cover any lost income resulting from business interruptions due to particular damage.

Protect Your Employees

Keep in mind that your business will not remain a startup forever. As your business grows, so will your to-do list. At some point, you will need to employ a few people to help you handle various tasks. Employee compensation is critical for protecting your workers and your overall business. The workers’ compensation coverage that is part of a commercial insurance policy will help you when your member of staff suffers an injury on the job or requires medical attention for a long-term problem.

Protects Your Business from Expensive Liability Claims

General liability insurance is essential to your business startup since it covers legal fees for lawsuits resulting from negligence, accidents, and personal injuries that may occur at your business premises. A single unfortunate incident in your office could bring down your business startup if you lack liability coverage.

Are you a the owner of a new business in Frisco, TX? Contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC today for your commercial insurance needs and to learn more about a policy.

How Does Home Insurance Really Work?

Being a homeowner in Frisco, TX comes with a sense of pride. Thankfully, TAB Insurance Agency, LLC has the basics of home insurance right here to protect your home from the dangers of nature and human intervention. As you continue to read, we will educate you on the benefits and workings of a home insurance policy.

Insurance 101

No matter the type of insurance, it all works through the same idea. You make a monthly payment to the insurance company. If you run into trouble that is covered by the policy you agreed to, then the insurance company will help you pay costs that arise. The amount of money they provide and how they pay it all depends on the details of the contract. The basic idea is that if enough people pay into a collective insurance group, there’s always enough to help the few in need.

Choosing a Policy

This is the real component of home insurance that gives most people pause. How do you know that you have the right policy? Mostly it boils down to two things: satisfying your mortgage lender and maintaining peace of mind. Simply put, banks and lenders won’t sign a loan until you have a policy that satisfies them. Because of that, you can trust that the basics are covered. Weather, accidents and the most common causes of damage will usually have reasonable coverage. As for peace of mind, that depends on you. How much are the things in the house worth to you? Answering that question will help you determine the personal belongings portion of your policy. The last consideration is liability. Any policy is going to have at least some liability coverage. If you want more, consider supplementing it with an umbrella policy.

Handling a Claim

If your home is damaged, you are sued, or something is stolen, then you need to contact your insurance agent. Obviously, you should contact emergency services first. Once there is no immediate danger, talk to your insurance company. They’ll help you handle any paperwork necessary to file a claim, and they’ll walk you through your expectations. Homeowners’ claims are handled much the same as car insurance. They’ll review the case and work with you on the way to make payments where they are do. Sometimes that means writing you a check; other times it means paying contractors directly. It’s all case by case, so let your agent be your guide.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your TAB Insurance Agency, LLC representative serving Frisco, TX. We’re the experts, and we’ll be happy to help you understand.