How Do You Insure Both a Motorcycle and an Automobile?

If you live in Texas and you have or are considering getting an auto and a motorcycle, here are some tips that will help. Work with your agent at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving Frisco, TX and the surrounding communities, to make sure you get adequate insurance coverage.

Minimum Auto Insurance Coverage Limits

Texas has minimum auto insurance requirements for injuries. These minimums are both for each person who is harmed ($30,000) and in total for each accident ($60,000). There is also a minimum requirement for damage to property ($25,000).

Typically, auto insurance also comes along with personal injury protection (PIP) of $2,500, which may help if the person who caused the accident in driving illegally without proper insurance. PIP coverage is optional; however, it will be included unless you actively take steps to reject this extra protection.

Minimum Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Limits

The minimum insurance requirements for motorcycle insurance are the same as for autos, which are injuries ($30,000), the total for each accident ($60,000), and damage to property ($25,000). PIP does not come with motorcycle insurance unless you request it.

More than the Minimums

Getting just the minimum coverage is not enough for most people. The minimum insurance requirements do not adequately cover the vehicle of the driver that caused the accident. It is a better idea to cover your auto and motorcycle with comprehensive coverage for the cost of replacement repairs if it becomes damaged.

Additionally, Texas is an “at-fault” state. This means that the person(s) who caused the accident can be held responsible for the cost of all the injuries and damages, even if these costs exceed insurance coverage limits.


Be sure to get adequate coverage to reduce financial risk and the vulnerability of losing a lawsuit for causing an accident. Contact your agent at TAB Insurance Agency, LLC in Frisco, TX by calling 972-377-9464 to get an insurance review and a quote for motorcycle and auto insurance.

Why does my small business need commercial insurance

The simple answer to why does my small business need commercial insurance is that things happen and some of them are bad. Keeping your business from closing is very important to any small business owner. If you live in or near Austin, TX  TAB Insurance Agency LLC is here to help you with your commercial insurance needs. We know the right questions to ask to make sure that you have the coverage that is right for you. 

Property Insurance

If your business depends on having a physical location it is important for that place to be useable. If a disaster occurs that damages or destroys your building it will affect your ability to do business. You could lose not only your workspace but your inventory, furniture, and computers. Your business property insurance can help to make repairing or rebuilding possible. 

Business Auto Insurance

If you have autos owned by your business it is important to have insurance coverage.  In the event that an employee has an accident, you will be covered. If you use your personal car for business, you should check if your personal auto insurance covers business use. 

Business Liability Insurance

Business liability insurance covers quite a few different scenarios. If someone is hurt on your business property or by one of your products this insurance will help to cover legal costs that might ensue. This insurance can also cover any legal issues that might occur with a current or former employee. It can help cover costs of litigation in a case of harassment or wrongful termination. 

These are just a few of the things that your commercial insurance policy covers. The knowledgeable agents at TAB Insurance Agency LLC in Austin, TX will be happy to discuss all the things that might be covered. Stop by our office or give us a call for a no-obligation quote. 

How to Know What Add-ons You Need for Your Home Insurance

Are you interested to know what add-ons to your home insurance you should have? There are some considerations you’ll need to make regarding your specific situation. Here are a few extras that likely won’t be a part of your basic home insurance coverage:

  • Mold damage
  • Other structures that are not attached to the house, including fences, sheds, or a separate garage
  • Personal belongings beyond a certain value also are not typically covered by the basic insurance

You’ll need to ask your agent to increase coverage for the above things, so that you won’t be faced with having to pay a monumental amount in the event of a natural disaster, flooding from burst pipes, or some other issue.

Wear and Tear

This is something that the average homeowner should include in their home insurance policy. However, this is an exclusion that most people are not aware of existing. For instance, home insurance will not cover issues of old age, such as damage from leaky pipes or a roof that is in a diminished condition. Even though a warranty may cover roof or plumbing system replacement, the warranty may be expired by the time problems occur. Many insurance policies will take care of paying for the resulting damage.

How to Know When to Add On

Chances are, if you have assets besides your home or you live in an older home, you’ll want some add-ons.

You can discuss what structures, expensive belongings, and general concerns you have for your property with a qualified insurance agent. It’s in your best interest to reach out to TAB Insurance Agency LLC if you’re in the Austin, TX area. A professional can evaluate what you have and how best to proceed in order to supply you with the best home insurance coverage possible.

Collision Coverage for Your Motorcycle

There are few greater pleasures in life than exploring the beautiful natural vistas around the greater Austin, TX area on the back of a motorcycle. If you are a long-riding pro or are thinking about buying your first bike, there’s a lot to know about motorcycle insurance. The good folks at TAB Insurance Agency LLC are here to answer all of your questions and provide the info you need to make an informed decision when choosing your policy. It’s important to protect yourself, your passengers, and your bike with the right policy at the right coverage level.

Why Collision Coverage is a Must-Have

There are a lot of different types of motorcycle insurance policies, and many of them provide the bare minimum of necessary coverage. If you want to make sure that you are protected, collision coverage should be on your must-have list. When there is an accident that causes damage to your bike or injury to yourself or your passenger, you will be relieved to know that you are covered. Replacing your bike after a mishap can sometimes fall to the owner who doesn’t have the necessary coverage. Collision protection can also provide coverage for any injury or medical expense that befalls you, your passenger, or parties in the other vehicle. If you are involved in a single-vehicle accident, collision coverage is still important. Don’t find out that you don’t have appropriated coverage after it’s too late, take the time to review your current policy or fully understand your new policy. Get the coverage you need now, and have the protection you need!

Ready to learn more about the benefits of comprehensive motorcycle insurance available in the greater Austin, TX area? Call or stop by TAB Insurance Agency LLC and talk to one of our helpful agents. 

Reasons to Get Full Coverage on Your Boat

The open waters are calling more than ever now that the heat has settled in for the year. Before you take your boat out, make sure you have the coverage you need to protect your property, no matter what happens out there on the water. TAB Insurance Agency LLC serves the people in and around Austin, TX with insurance to cover all aspects of life, including recreational fun. 

What Are Texas Boat Insurance Requirements?

To operate a boat in Texas you must take a boater education safety course. After this as long as you are of legal age (over 18 to drive alone, and 13 and over can drive with adult) then you can legally operate a boat in Texas without any minimal insurance coverage. While it is legal to operate your watercraft without insurance, it is not a good idea, because it leaves your asset unprotected and yourself at risk of litigation costs in the event of an accident. 

When Might You Need More?

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover a portion of boat damage when it is parked in your yard or garage if the damage falls under the policy. However, when you are out on the waters and things go sideways, you want to know you have not lost your assets, nor are you liable to other people if their property is damaged. Full coverage on your boat can bring you peace of mind while you enjoy the Texas waters so you can fully relax. 

Contact Us at TAB Insurance Agency LLC to learn more about boaters insurance and to get a quote for your lifestyle today. We serve Austin, TX and the surrounding areas with quality insurance services. Call today,  972-377-9464.

What Does Classic Car Insurance Cover?

In some circles classic and antique are synonymous. The fact is an antique car is normally 25 years old or older, while a classic car is normally 14 to 24 years old. The agents of TAB Insurance Agency LLC are always there to answer questions about classic car insurance. If you are a classic car owner and live in Austin, TX, you can have all of your questions answered about classic car insurance answered in just a few minutes.

Not Your Daily Driver

One of the things that will determine whether or not your classic car can be covered under a classic car policy is how often you drive it. In most cases, if you use it as your daily driver, it won’t qualify for this type of insurance. Driving it occasionally is fine. Certain policies, however, require that the miles driven per year be kept under a certain amount. This reduces your risk of an accident and saves wear and tear on the vehicle. 

Higher Value, Less Liability

While you still need to have the amount of liability insurance required by the state, classic car insurance is more about protecting your investment. Classic cars that have been fully restored will normally hold a higher value than other vehicles. This will make it more expensive to repair or replace parts that are damaged if an accident occurs.

Residents of Austin, TX who own classic cars and want to make sure they are insured as such can turn to the agents of TAB Insurance Agency LLC for all of their insurance needs. Call and schedule an appointment today to make sure your classic car is fully protected at all times. 

Commercial Insurance Add Ons to Consider

When you run a business, it is crucial for you to protect it as best as you can. You put a considerable amount of time, energy, and money into your business, so the last thing you want is for your business to suffer some kind of damage and set you back. While there are some basic forms of commercial insurance, there are other add ons to consider. If you run a business in or around Frisco, TX or Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. is here to help. 

Umbrella Policy

Investing into umbrella insurance is always a good idea. This gives you additional liability coverage to protect your business. If someone slips and falls on the sidewalk outside of your business, they might attempt to sue you, and your general liability might not cover this. Even if you’re completely in the right, you don’t want to pay all the legal fees associated with it. Umbrella commercial insurance coverage can help. 

Worker’s Compensation

If an employee is hurt while they are on the job, it is up to you to pay for their medical coverage and other financial compensation. This can become costly, especially if they are seriously injured. The best way to go about protecting them and yourself is to invest in worker’s compensation insurance. 

Running a business is hard work. It takes a considerable amount of work and dedication. You also put a good amount of money into your business as well, so you likely don’t want to go about repairing expensive damage to your place of business. That is why you need to have commercial insurance. With the number of commercial insurance add ons, though, it can be difficult to know what will work for your company. If your business is located around Frisco, TX or even Austin, TAB Insurance Agency, Inc. can help. 

Decluttering Your Home With Safety in Mind

When you have an excess of stuff in your home, you will likely feel more stressed and be less able to function efficiently and effectively. Not only that, but your home could be less safe. But not to worry, as you can declutter your home with a focus on making your environment safer. Here is how to do that, courtesy of TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving the Frisco, TX area.

Eliminate tripping hazards

Clutter in your home can put people at increased risk of tripping. For example, toys, books, accessories, and knick-knacks left on the floor can be in the way and result in a serious problem. Remove extra items, and put away the stuff you keep.

Remove stray electrical corded items

Another problem with clutter is the various electrical items that result in cords dangling in risky spots, such as areas where people walk through rooms and hallways. Declutter extra electrical items that you do not need or use.

Haul away stacks of papers

Newspapers, magazines, books, and any other paper items are commonly stacked up throughout a house. But then they can become safety hazards, so declutter them and get them out of your house. Recycle or donate the papers you do not keep.

Get rid of hazardous material

Containers of paint or extra batteries, as well as a whole host of other hazardous materials and substances, are often in the garage, laundry room, basement, and other areas. Safely remove them from your home.

Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to declutter your entire home at once. Instead, focus on one room or area at a time. If you need information about decluttering, safety or home insurance, feel free to contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC serving the Frisco, TX area.

Must Have Insurance Coverage for New Motorcycle Riders

The less experience you have riding a motorcycle, the greater your chances of having an accident on the road. For this reason, you should ensure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect your interests. At TAB Insurance Agency, LLC, we can help you select a policy that’s conducive to your riding experience and lifestyle. To be on the safe side, new riders should consider the following motorcycle insurance coverage:


In Texas, motorcycle liability coverage is a requirement. Licensed riders must have a minimum of $30,000 liability coverage to pay for injuries to one individual in an accident, $60,000 for total injuries, and $25,000 to cover property damage in accidents they cause. In a serious accident, injuries can easily surpass minimum liability limits. For this reason, new riders should consider more liability coverage than just the bare minimum. Otherwise, they could be sued for remaining damages.

Collision and Comprehensive 

As a new rider, you’ll probably want financial help to repair your bike in the event of an accident. Collision coverage protects your bike against crashes into other vehicles or objects. Coverage limits will depend on the value of your bike and how much you can contribute towards repairs out of pocket.

Whether you’re riding in Austin, TX or taking your bike on the road, you face the risk of your bike being stolen, vandalized, or damaged by inclement weather. Comprehensive insurance protects you against these risks, so you don’t suffer financial loss.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist

This coverage helps pay for your medical bills if you get hit by a driver with insufficient or no insurance at all.  

With adequate insurance protection, you can enjoy your time on the road without worrying about accidents. To obtain quality motorcycle insurance at affordable costs in the Austin, TX area, contact TAB Insurance Agency, LLC.

Does Boat Insurance Cover the Actual Structure Of The Boat Or Just The Engine?

If you invest in a boat, you know that you are going to need to provide insurance coverage to prevent out of pocket losses as the result of an accident or other types of mishaps. When it comes to boat insurance, there are conditions and limitations related to the parts of the boat that are covered as well as the conditions in which the coverage will kick in. So, does boat insurance cover the entire ship, or does it just cover the engine?

Does Boat Insurance Cover The Entire Boat?

There are many different types of boat insurance options on the market. The standard boat insurance policy will only cover the motor or engine and possibly the electronics that control the engine. The actual vessel itself may be left unprotected unless you purchase additional insurance to cover it. Before you select a policy, make sure you know the limits of coverage as well as the conditions for coverage to kick in. A good insurance agent will make sure you understand exactly what you are purchasing and help you determine if there are gaps in coverage. 

Coverage That Works For Your Situation

If you are searching for boat insurance that covers your specific situation and doesn’t leave you susceptible to gaps that can cause significant out of pocket expenses, then you must work with an insurance company that strives to give you products that protect you completely. If you are a resident who lives in or around the Frisco, TX area, you can count on TAB Insurance Agency, LLC to work with you directly and create an insurance policy that will protect you from losses. 

Give yourself peace of mind and protection with adequate insurance coverage for your vessel. If you have a boat and reside in the Frisco, TX area, you should call or stop by TAB Insurance Agency and find out how they can help you get the peace of mind you need. Tab Insurance Agency, LLC  is ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.